Since 1957 when we created the first-ever deferred compensation plan, The Todd Organization has solely focused on the design and management of the benefit and funding programs that help our clients:

Attract standout talent
Motivate management to consistently perform at a high level level
Incent and retain key employees
Strengthen their competitive advantage among peer companies

Expert Design And Management of

Executive benefits and funding solutions


We employ bank owned life insurance (BOLI) as part of an effective asset-liability management strategy that strengthens shareholder value, addresses plan participants retirement needs, and meets regulatory guidelines.


Our experts customize corporate owned life insurance (COLI) plans that defer salary and bonus dollars on a pre-tax basis, earmarking assets to pay for future benefits, and affording tax advantages.


We create substantial opportunity for our clients by custom-building funding solutions using non-qualified retirement plans, insurance plans, bonus programs, savings plans, and other creative financing options.